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Maintenance & Reliability Review - The SMRP Body of Knowledge

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If you're a professional working in the field of plant and equipment maintenance and reliability, you need this course. The Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals (SMRP) has formalized and standardized the "Body of Knowledge" - or "BOK" - that you need to know to function effectively as a maintenance & reliability professional. They've built the course around five knowledge "pillars." We've built this review of Maintenance & Reliability around those same pillars - the stuff you need to know.

If you're seeking certification by SMRP as a Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional (CMRP), this course offers a solid review of the material in the BOK on which you'll be tested by the exam. The CMRP exam is an experience-based exam - it's tough to pass by just taking a class. You have to put in the years. SMRP doesn't have any education, experience or other qualification requirements to sit for the exam. However, if you're experienced, this review course will help you "sharpen the saw" before the examination and tighten up some weak areas - particularly in the business and finance area where many Maintenance & Reliability Professionals struggle. If you desire, the exam can be proctored in conjunction with the delivery of the course.

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