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At Sigma Reliability Solutions, LLC we believe in Plant Reliability in Dollars and $ense! Founded by Drew Troyer, a noted consultant, award-winning author, popular speaker and thought leader on the topic of plant reliability engineering and management, Sigma Reliability Solutions brings the same reliability management framework that’s worked so well in reliability critical applications like commercial aviation to the manufacturing industries – but right-sized and profit focused.

If properly executed, Reliability System Deployment (RSD) can profoundly affect your business. Here’s some proof:

Adopting and deploying the reliability management business practices of the top performing companies can double or triple your profits. The impact on your firm’s Return on Net Assets (RONA) and share price can be even more dramatic!

At Sigma Reliability Solutions – we know what upper quartile reliability management performance look like. We share that vision with you and help you create and execute your own version or reliability management.

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