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Reliability System Deployment (RSD) in Dollars & $ense™
SWOT Analysis and Strategic Planning Session

Our flagship consulting service – we utilize an efficient approach to identify your Strengths and Weaknesses along 12 key dimensions of plant reliability management. Unlike conventional consultants, we don’t "audit" you. Rather, we teach your team what effective reliability management looks like, then facilitate a systematic process whereby your team grades itself. We report your team’s assessment of strengths and weaknesses and the coefficient of consensus – the degree to which your leadership agrees about the organization’s Strengths and Weaknesses. This is important because until your team achieves consensus on your Strengths and Weaknesses, any effort to change business processes will be severely handicapped.

Then, we turn our attention to the macroeconomic analysis of your Opportunities. What would your organization’s profitability, return on net assets (RONA) and share prices look like if you "moved your dot" from your current percentile performance level to the level you know you’re capable of? We look at revenue, costs, net operating asset in place (NOAP) and man-hour utilization to estimate the Opportunity. Again, the process taps into the collective wisdom of your team, we don’t tell you to do anything, we’re merely subject matter experts and facilitators – which is the way we like it. Consultants don’t change your organization, we only provide the education tools and support required to enable you to do so.

Once we have a good idea about your Strengths, Weaknesses and Opportunities, we turn our attention to our potential Threats to success and the development of a strategic plan and timeline to guide the transformation process. The great thing about this process is that you own the results and we accomplish it in five days or less!

Troyer on Your Team – Sigma Reliability Solutions Retainer-based Consulting Services

Drew Troyer is among the world’s leading authorities on the deployment of reliability engineering to the manufacturing and process industries for the purpose of achieving a competitive advantage, creating a safer plant and driving profit, return on net assets (RONA) and share price. In many instances, attending one of Drew’s seminars or having him in for a couple of days for an RSD SWOT Analysis simply isn’t enough for you to achieve the change you want, because changing an organization takes time. You need Drew on your team. He can serve as a sounding board to your experienced managers and engineers, a coach and mentor to your new reliability managers and engineers, and help communicate the value proposition up and down the organization and across functional groups – helping you break down silos.

Most organizations require only in a small amount of time from such a specialized expert as Drew. A couple hours of Drew’s involvement every week over a sustained period of time could be the difference in success or failure. It can certainly help you avoid many of the most common mistakes and pitfalls. Drew is available to work with a select client base on a retainer basis over a period of time to provide expertise, support, coaching and mentoring. Drew believes in the “teach a man to fish” approach to consulting, so his primary role is to bring ideas to you, serve as a sounding board and to help you make the right decisions – avoiding the most common mistakes. But you still own the process of deploying a reliability management system in your organization.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. Drew teaches Plant Reliability in Dollars & $ense™ to your leadership team.
  2. Drew facilitates the Reliability System Deployment (RSD) in Dollars & $ense™ SWOT Analysis and Strategic Planning Session.
  3. Drew spends one or two weeks at your plant to get a "feel" for how things run at the plant.
  4. Drew works with your designated deployment leader(s) via phone, internet meeting, etc - usually two to four hours per week.
  5. Drew visits your plant once or twice a year for one or two days for more intensive meetings to recalibrate the strategic plan and evaluate progress.
  6. Drew provides training as needed (delivered live or via remote meeting).
  7. You are in charge of the deployment of your reliability management system. Over time, your need to involve Drew diminishes in a planned obsolescence of the service.

Maintenance Process Design in Dollars & $ense™


Troyer Technical Marketing Support – Sigma Reliability Solutions Marketing Consulting Services

If you’re the marketer of a product, software or service that is intended to improve manufacturing and process plant reliability, engage Sigma Reliability Solutions to help you take the guesswork out of the process. Our experience in the plants and in the field enables us to serve as the “voice of the market” so you get the inside track while minimizing the need for survey or focus group data, and its associated expense. In the event that survey or focus group research is required, we’re available to make sure you talk to the right people and ask the right questions. We’re also available to serve as an ad hoc member of your design engineering team, to help ensure that your offerings hit the mark.

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